The idea for this project came from a conversation over a Christmas reunion pint in a pub in Sheffield. For about 40 minutes and without really realising it, we solidly discussed our differing health problems as our male friend sank quietly into the corner. I’m not sure what conversations we were expecting to have in our early twenties on Christmas Eve, but I am sure that none of us could have envisioned that this would be the case!

After this initial observation and chats on the phone we have since had, cogs started to turn. We had all known each other since school and we had all, granted sporadically, blogged. We started thinking about all the women’s health magazines that fill the shelves in Boots and WH Smiths, the glossy covers that are fanned on the table at the waiting area of the hairdressers. The overall image and granted, selective investment we had made to these magazines, never filled us with much joy or encouragement about our health. They failed to reflect the everyday realities and struggles which we faced. 

As a group we get pleasure in writing and great enjoyment in reading other people’s work. We wanted to create and be part of a platform where we could write about our health problems in a new, hopefully engaging way. Through our daily frustrations and embarrassments, this blog will aim to bring women together, to laugh at our misfortunes, whilst also hopefully, freeing us from some inner anxieties.

The regular bloggers, editors and founders, Roz, Becky and Amy:

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