Thank you and a Merry Christmas

Hello everyone and thank you for reading. Unfortunately, this weeks’ post is going to be a bit of disappointment to those of you who want a bit more of the nitty gritty, typical TOTM material. Due to many reasons, mainly the fact I am now working two jobs and the other two have been in a different time zone, we have decided to take a break from TOTM until the New Year. Although a difficult decision we would prefer to do this then put out shitty, half-hearted blog posts.

I would like to take this space though to reflect on the last few months. We didn’t really have any idea of the response we would get when we started this and I think I can speak for all three of us in saying we have been incredibly moved (I have genuinely wept) by the women who have contributed and the personal messages we have been sent about our own posts. So thank you, for sharing and for reading.

TOTM has become something I am incredibly passionate about and frequently bring up to those I meet. It’s amazing how quickly women start opening up about contraception difficulties and their periods once you mention it, it’s great! I have learnt so much from what people have shared with us and many of our guest bloggers have told me how therapeutic they have found writing it all down, which I suppose is the whole point of this blogging thing anyway.

But there is still a way to go. I have visions of where I would like TOTM to be and what I would like to do with it when it has been running a year (did someone say party?) but of course it is really down to who comes forward to say they want to and will write for us.

It’s also about sharing and knowing how we can spread TOTM around so the posts are getting more views. Part of this, like anything, will come from our readers telling people, sharing, commenting, generally engaging with the posts. Also it will come from us searching for the right outlets and plonking ourselves there until someone notices. It also might come from changing up the style of the blogs. I know we have discussed in the past different ideas about what we can focus on, possibly interviewing people, creating videos etc; all these I hope will evolve in 2017. 

So here is my one and only plea: if you want to write something, if it’s been niggling away at the back of your mind for the last few weeks but you have doubts or you’re unsure about if it’s “right”, give yourself an hour over Christmas and just start writing or talking or drawing or however you want to approach it. If you get something and you enjoy doing it, please drop us a message.

From all three of us at TOTM and to our bloggers and readers, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year!  



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